My Listing Is Expired – Now What?

Tom Fisher
Team Endictott General Expert

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It is very frustrating to put your house up for sale, make sure it’s constantly clean and ready to show, wait anxiously for an offer (while trying to appear patient), only to see nothing happen. There are a number of reasons why a house doesn’t sell.  They are both identifiable and avoidable. Those reasons are problems with:

  • Staging your home for the current market
  • Pricing your home at the right price point
  • Providing attractive, professional photos of your home for buyers to see
  • Marketing your home well

Team Endicott takes great care to ensure that the homes we market are ready to attract buyers, are prominent in internet searches and are poised to sell successfully in today’s market.

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FAQs Q: Why didn’t my house sell?

A: There are 3 main reasons that homes don’t sell.  First is marketing – a home must be priced well and then marketed so it appeals to the broadest spectrum of buyers.  When one or both of these does not happen, the house may not sell.  Second is negotiations – value is determined when buyer and seller come to a point of agreement (and the home appraises for the sale price).  All parties should understand the market well enough to have a realistic idea of the price range where that should happen, and be ready to negotiate to that point.  Third is presentation- during showings, your home needs to be bright, welcoming and presentable as possible.  All drapes/blinds should be open, ALL lights turned on, all clutter gone and, if at all possible, all residents and pets gone, too!  Contact us for more advice on these and other topics to help you along.

Q: Can a new agent really make a difference?

A: In a word, absolutely.  Sometimes all that’s needed to get a home sold is a new perspective.  Another agent may have marketing ideas that may reach the right set of buyers.  More often, what works is more extensive preparations and better presentation of your home.  For instance, Team Endicott provides a professional stager, professional photographer and professional virtual tour for every qualified seller’s home.  We invest strongly in our internet presence to reach the largest possible range of home seekers.  On an annual basis, we revisit the previous year’s sales techniques and practices,  to eliminate what was ineffective,  to improve our systems and to focus on investing our time, energy and resources in what brings results.

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